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Inflatables, Soft Play, Crazy Golf and High Striker Conditions

These are additional to Bonanza’s General Terms and Conditions:

  • The minimum age limits are 3yrs for the Bungee Run, 5yrs for Obstacle Course and 6yrs for Laser Tag.  Rock n Roll (players must be able to get on the podium unaided), Shooting Gallery, and Hoverball are for 8yrs and above.  The max age for the Bouncy Castle is 10yrs.  Soft Play has a maximum user height of 1m.  For safety reasons adults cannot use the Inflatables at the same time as children.
  • All Inflatables require one power supply (mains or 6.5kVa generator).  We cannot run extension cables more than 50m and they must not cross roadways or areas with high footfall where they would become trip hazards.
  • The Bungee Run, Soft Play, and Rock n Roll cannot be used in the rain.  The Obstacle Course and Bouncy Castle can only be used in light showers.
  • HTF requires 16.5m x 10.5m with 2.5m headroom.  Bungee Run requires 17.5m x 7.5m with 3.5m headroom.  Rock n Roll requires 9m x 9m with 4m headroom.  Laser Tag requires a 15m x 13m area with 2m headroom. Obstacle Course requires 19m x 13.5m with 6m headroom. The Bouncy Castle requires 11m x 9m of flat ground with 4.5m headroom.  Shooting Gallery requires 5m x 6.5m with 2.5me headroom.  Hoverball requires 6m x 12m x 2.5m headroom.  Soft Play requires 9m x 8m.  Skittles/Bowling requires 14m x 5.5m.  Crazy Golf requires 12m x 25m of flat ground. High Striker requires 3m x 3m with 3.5m height clearance.
  • Due to the size and weight of the Laser Tag, HTF, Bungee Run, Obstacle Course, Bouncy Castle and Rock n Roll inflatables (rolled up they are about 1.5m x 1m x 1m), please contact us with any possible access problems such as stairs, narrow doorways, etc.
  • Inflatables cannot operate on hard standing (unless indoors) and Crazy Golf cannot set up on gravel.
  • The ground must have less than 5 degrees of slope for Inflatables and for Crazy Golf wants to be as flat as possible.
  • In times of extreme high winds (25mph) we may have to cease running the inflatables for safety reasons.  HTF and Crazy Golf cease operating in times of thunder and lightning.
  • Shoes should be worn on the HTF.