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Electronic Games and Pub Games Conditions

These are additional to Bonanza’s General Terms and Conditions:

  • We require a flat undercover area with a mains power supply (not generators) and solid flooring for each of these activities.
  • The minimum age is 10yrs for Pool, 8yrs to use the Basketball and Graffiti Wall, 1.3m in height for Race Sims and the other activities are dependent on the sizes of the player or the age rating on the game for the Kinect. The rest of the Pub Games and Electronic Games can be used by anyone tall enough to play the relevant games.
  • Graffiti Wall 3.5m x 3.5m with 2.5m height, A pair of Race Sims and the Kinect will each need 4m x 4m. Graffiti Wall requires 3.5m x 3.5m with 2.5m headroom.  Arcade Machines require 1m x 2m.  Pub Games space requirements will be dependent on how many games and which ones are hired.
  • The Race Sims need flat easy access for their trolley which is 185cm long and 86cm wide. Pub Games and the Arcade Games Machine will also need to be wheeled into place on large trolleys.  We must be notified in advance if there are any steps at all or tight turns/narrow doorways on route from where we unload the van to the set up area as that will usually require additional staff.
  • The Graffiti Wall pictures will only be kept for 1 month after the event date.
  • The Graffiti Wall cannot be operated in direct or strong sunlight and anything with a computer/TV screen or illuminated lights should be sheltered from direct sunlight as they become hard to see.
  • Players on the Racing Simulators must have clean dry clothing and footwear to play.