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General Booking Conditions for ALL our Activities

The below Terms and Conditions apply to ALL BOOKINGS with Bonanza Events. Please view the specific Terms and Conditions for your chosen activity/activities too. These can be accessed from the bottom of this page. 

– A 25% deposit payment must be received at the time of booking unless the booking is made with less than 1 month to the hire date in which case full payment at the time will be required.  The balance is due 1 month before the hire date.  Cancellations must be notified in writing, at least 30 days prior to the intended booking date and will incur a 25% fee. Late cancellations will be subject to the full fee.

– Bonanza’s staff are entitled to work in a safe environment.  If this should become a problem, we reserve the right to suspend the activity. No refund will be given.

– We reserve the right to send away any person who is found to be unmanageable or a danger to the safety or enjoyment of others.  No refund will be given.

– Safety is paramount and all participants must accept that the decision of the instructor is final and at all times accepted by the participants.

–  If the booking is on behalf of a school, it is your responsibility for gaining parental permission, and medical information where necessary and to inform the County Council and the EVC where necessary.

–  No one under the influence of drink or drugs may use any of our equipment.

–  Bonanza does not provide waterproof clothing or overalls so please ensure clients bring the appropriate clothing with them for the activities they are undertaking.

–  Bonanza reserves the right to substitute hired equipment with equipment of a similar type and value in the event of damage or loss of pre booked equipment.

–  Once sited, equipment will not be moved.  The collection time stated is the time that we can drive onto the event and start breaking down. Set up will generally be started 1 – 1.5hrs before we start operating unless otherwise agreed in advance during the booking process.

– Bonanza will provide all power connections to connect activities to the hire locations power source as defined on page 1 of this form. It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide the power source they stated when booking (except when Bonanza provides a generator (for an additional fee). If the power source changes prior to the event taking place, it is the hirer’s responsibility to communicate that to Bonanza.

–  In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our contractual obligations, our liability is limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of a delayed start.  No further compensation will be paid.

–  In the event of any damages or loss caused by participants to property or equipment in use (except for wear & tear) the client will be charged the full replacement cost.

–  Bonanza reserve the right to cancel, alter, or delay any booking where forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control, such as serious illness, terrorism, severe weather or any other circumstances which would subject Bonanza or any of its employees or participants to danger.

–  No liability is accepted for loss or damage to property belonging to any participants including clothing, cameras, watches, phones, etc.

–  No liability is accepted for personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless by proven negligence of Bonanza.

– Participants with previous related injuries and ailments or during pregnancy should not undertake any of these activities.

– Parking will always be required for our event vehicle during a booking.  Any congestion charges, parking fees or other tolls that are not quoted for in advance will be liable for payment by the client.

– Bookings can only take place on private land with the landowner’s permission.

– All users must be able to understand spoken English for the safety briefings.

– For activities where helmets are required, those who refuse or cannot wear a helmet may not partake in the activity.

– Bonanza is not responsible for any damage to the ground surface from our equipment or any services located underground such as pipes, cables, irrigation, etc.

– Face Paint, hair dye and fake injuries cannot be used on any Inflatables, Soft Play, Laser Clays or activities where helmets must be worn (Segway and Motorised Activities).

– No silly string, confetti, fireworks or the suchlike is allowed near any of the activities. Any damage from these will be charged to the hirer.

– Our equipment is all heavy and difficult to transport so please contact us in advance with any possible access problems such as stairs, lifts, narrow doorways, travel distances more than 25m from the van to the set up area and we must be notified in advance if the equipment is not going on the ground floor at a venue.

– If upon arrival at the venue, we cannot operate for any of the reasons stated on this form (access, space, ages, weather, etc.) then no refunds are due.

– All activities require flat ground to set up on. When not on hard standing, outdoor ground must have short cut grass and not be bare mud/earth or excessively muddy.

– If any activities are hired unsupervised (dry hire), it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that all parts are returned complete and intact.  If parts are lost or broken, it is the hirer’s duty to pay for these to be replaced or repaired. This also applies to overnight bookings of our activities on exhibition stands.

– Bonanza will not be liable for any damage due to errant balls, pucks, Scalextric cars, High Striker hammers, etc. from activities it provides. This includes damage to TV Screens, Windows, plaster, paintwork, etc. If activities are booked that may result in game parts leaving the game (ie: Crazy Golf or Air Hockey) we cannot set these up on balconies, mezzanines, etc where things may drop onto people below.

– Photographs may be taken during the booking/event which are used solely for our own marketing purposes (website, social media and newsletter). Your contact details will also be added to our quarterly newsletter.

Electronic Games and Pub Games Conditions

Inflatables, Soft Play, Crazy Golf and High Striker Conditions

Laser Clay and Laser Shot Conditions