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Hire Croquet from Bonanza Events!

Play the English classic past-time, Croquet, with Bonanza Events!

Croquet Set Hire and RentalFrom Company Events, Wedding Receptions and Corporate Days to Private Parties and Activity Away Days.

While away your afternoon with a game on the lawn with our high-quality Croquet Set. Our set comes complete with 6 adult mallets, 2 intermediate mallets, hoops and 8 balls.

Whilst there are two main variants of the game played in the UK; Golf Croquet is the more commonly played version across the board (as defined by Rules as defined by the Croquet Association of England).

Golf Croquet (or ‘the sequence game’) the objective of each player is to get his ball(s) through each hoop first. When the first hoop is scored all players move on to the second hoop, and so on. Each turn comprises only one stroke. The merit of Golf Croquet is simplicity.